Free Guided Walking Tours and Specialized Tours

*** Please start on our Free Guided Walking Tour website or Engineering Tour website for all the information you need regarding our free guided tours for families and tourists with 9 people or less. If you are looking for a special group tour for 10 or more people, please visit our Special Group Tour page. ***

Below is a calendar of available free public guided walking tours ("Cal Tour Weekday" or "Cal Tour Weekend"), Engineering tours, and Memorial Stadium tours (spring & summer only). Click on the blue box for the tour you wish to reserve.


  • Please be sure to click on the correct type of tour you want. Only the "Cal Tour Weekday" and "Cal Tour Weekend" are general walking tours of our campus.
  • If you see a plus sign with a number, it is a link to the full tour schedule for that day.
  • If a day is blank, tours are either not being offered or are completely full. Please select a different day.
  • Saturday, April 18 is Cal Day. We will have tours all day and no reservations are required.
  • Engineering Tours for Spring 2020 are now available for booking in the calendar below. They are offered Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-4pm (February 10 - April 30) with the exception of Presidents Day (February 17) and Spring Break (March 23-27).
  • The UC Berkeley spring break is March 21-29. We offered 1 tour per day so if the day is showing blank, it means the day is completely booked. As our student tour guides are home for a well-deserved break, we don't anticipate adding another tour.
  • Our calendar opens up for general walking tours ("Cal Tour") approximately 3 months before the tour at the beginning of the month.

  • The Admissions Presentation is a separate registration. Please visit the admissions website to register.

  • NOTE! If you don't receive an email immediately, your reservation was not successfully completed. The email comes from "" so please check your spam folder.

    If you have any questions, please call (510) 642-5216 or email